Our teachers are a dedicated group of early childhood educators whose level of commitment does not stop at the classroom door.  The teachers' will encourage your child to explore and discover new ideas and to reach their full potential. Excellent student-teacher ratios ensure each child receives individual and caring attention.

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Grace Morris

Grace is the lead teacher of the Aleph/Bet group.  Her expertise is in child and toddler development.  Grace has worked as an early-childhood educator in many different settings for over 25 years, taking time off to be at home with her own young children.  She has her Teaching Credential license from the State of California.  Grace's approach to teaching is to support each child's social/emotional development using her diverse experience and understanding  of child development, and providing individualized and emergent curriculum through play and discovery.


Etty Kodoch

Etty is a support teacher at Gan Israel, where she works alongside Grace in the Aleph/Bet class. We first met Etty back in 2002 when her son was a student at Gan Israel. Ten years later Etty joined our staff as a substitute assistant, and then as a full-time support teacher in our youngest classroom.  Etty has a generous and caring nature. The children respond to her calm and loving presence knowing she is always ready to provide a hug or a helping hand.


Betsy Surtshin

  Betsy is the lead teacher of our pre-K class - the Gimmel group. Several years ago Betsy joined our team after working at the Osher-Marin ECE for  many years. She is a great addition to our school where she shares her knowledge and experience with both the children and their families. In her teaching, Betsy values learning alongside the children, helping them make discoveries, and developing their unique talents and gifts. Betsy is building our outdoor learning environment, helping the children and staff experience nature in a meaningful way on a daily basis.  She provides an emergent curriculum, where she is guided by both her knowledge of children’s development and the interests and ideas of her students.


Robert Greenberg

Robert is an assistant teacher in both the Aleph/Bet and Gimmel classrooms. Before working at Gan Israel, Robert taught both 4th grade and Kindergarten, but then decided that he wanted to concentrate on Early Childhood Education. Robert loves to interact with the energy in and between children and to help them learn from one another, mend conflicts, and build emotional tool-kits.  As an assistant teacher, Robert follows Betsy's and Grace's leads, while contributing his own special personality, warm and gentle approach and passionate Jewish identity