Gan Israel Preschool is dedicated to providing a warm and engaging Jewish environment where our children can feel secure to explore and learn.  In this environment they can grow and develop at their own individual rate and be proud of their heritage.  This is achieved through offering a program enriched with many experiences, such as music, drama, arts and crafts, movement, science and language arts.  

All of the Jewish holidays are taught through a hands-on experience, at the most basic level of the holiday.  This allows each child to relate to the holiday and experience it in a meaningful way. 

All areas of the curriculum are open for the child to freely explore as their curiosity dictates.  The children will be involved with the exploring of their environment, the manipulating of materials, and the testing of new concepts.  


Play is an important component of our preschool.  Through play our children learn and discover many things about themselves and the world. Play is a rich social experience in which the children learn about sharing and cooperating. 

The teacher’s role will be to facilitate and to encourage your child to explore and discover new ideas.  The children’s interaction with each other will also be an important opportunity for growth, as they learn how to deal with each other with Ahavat Yisrael (“love of our fellow person”) while finding constructive solutions to their problems.  

We seek  to work in partnership with families to ensure that each child reach their full potential.