Gan Israel Preschool offers a creative and nurturing environment where your child will feel at home.  By integrating the best concepts in early childhood education with the beauty of our Jewish tradition, we create meaningful and enriching classroom experiences for our students. Every day the children in our care play, learn, and explore in a joyful, non-competitive space where they are valued as individuals, and recognized for their unique gifts. We support each child as they develop independence, confidence, creativity, and self esteem.

At Gan Israel we offer a morning preschool program that runs from 9:00-12:30 for the younger classes and from 9-1 for our pre-K group. Our morning program is divided into three age groups -- Aleph, Bet, and Gimmel.  We also offer optional early care from 8:30-9:00, and aftercare until 4:30 pm.

In the Aleph groupwe provide an environment, where the children can learn through play and develop a positive self-image. The children are introduced to a variety of engaging age appropriate activities. As the children become increasingly comfortable in their new environment, we join the Bet group for shared activities throughout the day.

Since children at this stage of development depend on their sense of touch to learn about the world around them, we always provide a tactile activity area such as play dough, sand, or water for the children to explore.  These activities help children to feel both calm and alert, while also promoting fine motor skills and inspiring children's imaginations.  We will support their rapidly growing language skills and development with songs, stories, prayers, rhymes and conversation.  We will encourage the children to use their words and help them verbalize their needs.

We will strive to have a respectful environment by respecting the children’s individual development, speaking in a respectful tone and encouraging cooperation.  The children will learn many songs, stories, Jewish holidays and self help skills.  We are looking forward to many adventures as we learn together.



For the Gimmel class we strive to provide an environment that kindles the spark that will become a lifetime love of learning. In our program we aim to instill a passion for good literature and music. This in turn, helps prepare children for Kindergarten by building phonemic awareness and increasing vocabulary, which are both crucial skills for future reading success. We meet with the children several times a week in small groups to work on acquiring skills such as cutting with scissors, writing, and math concepts to further ensure that the children are prepared with the tools they need as they move on to Kindergarten. We engage in lots of open-ended art activities, which allows the children to practice their self-expression and experiment with symbolic representation.  We also provide many opportunities for free-play, which allows the children to practice problem solving, strengthen friendships, use their imaginations, and most importantly have fun!

We have extended our day until 1:00 in order to meet our goals, we will also be starting our learning time earlier in the morning to take full advantage of every moment in our day!